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One Door Closed, another Door will open in front of you
Published By aprilsong on 2012-03-06 46 Views

All people have experienced black letter days and frustrations. Some people can’t recover from a big blow and live unhappily from then on. But don’t you notice that sometimes one door closed for you, another door will open in front of you?

Everybody who has experienced a failure in love may in a deep sorrow for a long period of time at the beginning of the breakup. But years later, after you having married and living happily with your husband or wife, how will you feel about your ex-lover? Do you still feel heartache or you don’t care about any more? Have you ever thought about the result of marrying that person? Sometimes the person you thought you can’t live without him or her has nothing to do with you now. But you still live in happiness? Therefore, don’t stay in deep sorrow for too long time, just remember, one door closed behind you, another door will open for you.

This principle also applies to other things. Some people are out of work for some reasons. They have to find new opportunities for themselves. Some become their own bosses and become very successful. In fact, in not for the unemployment, they may still work for others and just make their ends met. They are forced to have a try, thank god, they make it.

There are so many similar things. Therefore, we should always keep in high spirit, and don’t be beaten by one failure.

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